Puppy day/night care


  We provide all-inclusive housing for your French bulldog puppy(s) (ages 4-12months) when you will be out of town. The minimum stay is a day and the maximum stay is 14 days. We do not provide hourly day care services.
1. The puppy(s) will need to have an updated health certificate as well as pet insurance.
2. Check availability against schedule.
3. The cost of boarding your puppy is $35 per day.

What to expect when your puppy(s) is under our care:
1. We will continue on training your puppy(s) based on where they are now and where they need be. We will identify all possible issues that are related but not limited to healthcare, mental training, daily behavior and communication with other dogs.
2. So, socializing with our bulldog adults is what we will do as well. Puppies tend to learn quicker when they are following another dog, especially when that dog is older. So, we will see how your puppy copes and learn from others.
3. Your puppy will never be alone and will always have a playmate during his or her stay.