1.         Where are our puppies from?
We have over 20 year’s experience of breeding and raising puppies. Historically we started in Ukraine and as years past, the amount of available puppies their increased. Our key person in Ukraine is our mom and wife who is a breeder, and is not only a dog expert but a Judge for bulldogs. She is well known and respected in Ukraine.  Therefore, we only breed Champion European bulldogs that meet the standard.
2.         Are parents with you?
The parents are in Ukraine. That is where we started and will continue to breed.
3.         How do you relate to these puppies?
We are not a dog farm.  For many years now, we’ve been consulting dog owners, placing our litters, helping raising dogs and perform breeding. As a result, hundreds of families relate to us as dog fans and followers.
We are helping them on ongoing basis with breeding, raising, consulting and placing puppies.
4.         Is puppy still available for sale?
You can see the puppy availability on our webpage next to their names. “Available”, “reserved” or “adopted” will be placed as their status. 
5.         When I make an appointment to see the puppy I am interested in, does that mean the puppy will be reserved for me?
No.  To reserve a puppy, you have to put down a deposit.  The puppy will still be available for other customers      (if you chose to NOT to reserve the puppy in which you are interested in) even if you made an appointment to see them. However, we are keeping our appointments if you are consistent with coming dates or traveling long way.
6.         Do you have current pictures?
We are always updating pictures on our website. We take many pictures of them at different angles in order to capture the best moments. We do not take new pictures for every customer.  All of our pictures are current and up to date.  If you wish, we can show the puppy in which you are interested in to you via skype or facetime. 
7.         Can you send info/pics of parents, pedigree info, and whatever else you have?
We are not sending dog sensitive information in advance until we see that you are seriously interested in adopting one of our puppies.
We are not supporting industrial type of breeding.  We are giving our puppies to you as pets with accordion adoption fee.
We do not offer pet pricing to professional breeders. They are not welcomed.  But we do make exceptions for those who share the same philosophy we do in terms of dog treatments.
8.         Do you have a payment plan? If not could we reserve the puppy of our interest?
We do not offer payment plans, for we paid for their health check up, treatment, paper work etc. But you can always reserve the puppy.
9.         Is he/she AKC registered?
They were born in Ukraine so they are UKU (Ukrainian Kennel Union) but it can be easily transferred to AKC if needed.
10.       Would you send photos of his/ her Sire and Dam...and Pedigree to see?
We don’t send pedigrees due to high rates of fraud and abuse of sensitive documentation but we can send a couple photos of the Sire and Dam.
11.       Is your puppy offered with breeding rights?
Breeding right comes with higher pricing. We give our puppies as pets and only make exceptions when we trust the breeder and agree with his or her dog raising methods. Majority of our puppies are adopted by families who want a loving pet.
12.       Does that price include full AKC registration?
Pet adoption fee doesn’t include AKC registration as that is timely and a costly process.
We have to register puppy to UKU with full pedigree after 6 month age and then transfer UKU to AKC. We only offer that in our professional breeding package.
13.       Are you in the United States?
Yes, we are located and living in USA Framingham, MA

14.       How much to reserve a puppy?

We ask $250 for reservation, but amount may vary if puppy is more expensive. This guarantees that you are serious and will adopt the puppy in which you reserved. When you reserve a puppy, we make him or her unavailable to be adopted by anyone else. We can reserve the puppy for you up to 5 days, and more days to hold will cost additional per day. Reservation is nonrefundable as it covers caring expenses. The puppy also misses the opportunity of going to another family if you do change your mind of adopting.

15.       How often do you have litters available?
We have litters periodically, every month or more often.
16.       Do you have health records on the parents?
As we deal with only our breeding related dogs, we do maintain their health progress and treatment. But Ukrainian records are not valuable to US as they only for internal use. But all of our puppies pass through several customs and go through a very serious screening process. They do come with health certificates.
17.       Also how big do your Frenchies get? Weight, height length?
We mostly dealing with medium size dogs and do not have giants. Sometimes we have very small puppies and may consider them as mini
18.       What DNA does the puppy carry?
All of our English and French bulldogs are pure breed.  You are more then welcome to perform a DNA test if you wish but we guarantee that you are adopting a full French or English bulldog.
19.       What health guarantee you do offer?
We check our puppies very seriously before traveling. We perform screening, checkup with ultrasound, de worming, vaccination with quarantine monitored. We have confidence in puppy’s health. However, puppy’s health is very sensitive for past care with owner. So we ask to perform new buyer health check up with their trusted, bulldog experienced veterinarian within 3 business days.
If concerns addressed and proven with our past checking, we offer return or exchange. These concerns must be born related issues.  Remember, adopting a puppy requires vet visits, maintaining a healthy diet, as well as giving the love and attention your new puppy deserves in order for them to remain healthy.