About us


We are family based, internationally located who cares, breeds and sale English and French bulldog puppies. We aim to breed French & English Bulldogs of the highest quality that fit the standard. All the puppies’ parents provide high exhibition titles and ranks.
We are over 25 years in business and more than 10 years in the United States.
We strive to breed quality French & English Bulldogs, carefully choosing bloodlines selected from the best in the World.
Our first priority is health. Our dogs are brought up in our family home and are treated as our own beloved pets. The first dog in our house appeared in 1990. It was a breeding bough of a German royal mastiff. After a year in the house there was one more dog – the German boxer. Both dogs have given a fine livestock subsequently.
Since August 10th, 1993, the professional work began as well as the first training, resulting in a judicial 2 national category in the European system–UCI (united clubs international).
On June 26, 1993 we had our first French bulldog; a bough of Kamila de-PUAZON. As a result a root founder Factory FJUNSI- BOXING registered on August 9, 1999 in system UCI; with that, our work as a breeding family begun.
The French bulldogs that grew up in our home became champions and many customers, if not all, benefited by receiving fine breeding dogs with an excellent exterior and cheerful and great personality, but most importantly a never desponding friend.
Now in our house their lives a 5th generation of the French bulldogs. On December 12, 2004 we received our first breeding bough of an English bulldog. It has given fine breeding puppies, which have been sold not only in Ukraine but also in the United States and Hungary. In 2004 one more factory and system FCI has been registered. From that time on our family made constant sales of puppies in the United States.
Now many will find a big livestock of English and the French bulldog puppies, with some rare in color, but all having high exhibition titles and ranks in or numerous factories.